Perhaps one of the biggest components you will need in your prepper kit or your overall plan is a emergency first aid kit. These come in a variety of sizes and can cover a variety of problems. The best choice may be what you can safely carry at the time. There are some who go all out and buy a full blown fully equipped EMT bag, that is going to extremes but when an extreme situation should hit you want to be prepared.

One of the benefits of buying a pre-made emergency first aid kit is that everything is available to you all at once. You don’t have to buy separate items to piecemeal your own kit; these kits are even small enough to be able to carry in your bug out bag without any difficulty. Just about everyone who is responsible seems to carry a version of one of these kits in their car when a major accident should hit.

If you really want to be prepared you should consider having one of these emergency first aid kits available in your survival bag or your survival kits so that you can take care of the bumps, bruises, scrapes, and other problems that may come about trekking on foot to one area to another. It is pretty easy to carry both a survival kit and an emergency first aid kit in your trunk of your car without taking up too much space; some of these kits can even fit in the glove compartment.

Some emergency first aid kits can be small enough to fit in your pocket, of course there isn’t much that you can do with them other than patch up a few small wounds but the intent is pure. Regardless of how small an emergency first aid kit is the usefulness comes from what is inside the kit and your ability to use these tools to help save someone from getting even worse than what they are at the moment.

Full Blown Emergency First Aid Kit EMT bags

Now the second choice would be to go out and buy a full blown EMT bag that has everything a licensed EMT would want to use. Of course, it would be helpful if you knew how to handle all of this equipment. Signing up to become an EMT at your local trade school or community college shouldn’t be too difficult. Fire departments and other local government agencies are always on the lookout for people who have these types of skills.

Since many businesses actually want to hire people who have EMT skills on their staff, because they want to also be prepared, you could use this as a selling point on your resume. As well, some businesses may actually pay for you to obtain this training. Consider that if your place of employment may not pay for this type of training that you may be able to get a tax write off of your taxes. So, really this type of training is probably going to pay for itself.

These bags have everything you would need if some big disaster should strike. After all, these EMT’s are probably going to be deployed all throughout the city with this same equipment. Learning how to become an EMT is not the same as getting advanced medical training such as becoming a Doctor but this training will help you get through most scrapes and help others along the way.