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J31 - Intercontinental Day of Action Against TPP & Corporate Globalization


Climate change safeguarded in TPP environment chapter

Climate change safeguarded in TPP environment chapter

January 15, 2014 - 11:12am

More efficient biofuel process converting algae to oil

By Tim Radford. US scientists have succeeded in producing crude oil from algae in under an hour - a technical triumph, but one that's still a long way from commercial exploitation.

West Antarctic ice sheet melting accelerates over last 4 years

By Tim Radford. The rate of ice loss from the West Antarctic appears to have accelerated sharply in the last four years, European scientists say.

LONDON, 20 December - Ice is being lost over the West Antarctic ice sheet at a faster rate. The European Space Agency’s Cryosat - a satellite with a radar altimeter that can peer through the clouds and see in the dark - has confirmed  that 150 cubic kilometres of ice are drifting into the Southern Ocean each year: a much faster rate than the calculation for 2010.

After observations between 2005 and 2010, gathered by 10 different satellite missions, Antarctic scientists and oceanographers calculated that the melting of ice from the West Antarctic peninsula was causing global sea levels to rise by 0.28mm a year. The latest survey suggests this rate is 15% higher.

Loss of Arctic sea ice affecting temperate zones

By Tim Radford. Weather extremes in temperate countries may be the consequence of the melting of Arctic snow and ice, according to Chinese and American scientists.

Africa: Climate change contributing to food security and agricultural productivity

By Kieran Cooke. Agriculture dominates the economies of countries in East Africa: if plans aren’t made to adapt to climate change the region’s rapidly expanding population faces a grim future, says a new report.

Bats ultrasonic echo-location affected by climate change

By Tim Radford. Climate change is likely to damage populations of bats which hunt their insect prey with high-frequency ultrasonic squeaks, but to benefit low-frequency species.

LONDON, 13 December - Who’d be a bat? Global warming is about to make your life ever more difficult, because higher air temperatures will make echo-location of insect prey so much less effective.

Canada: Defend Our Climate/Defend Our Communities

On Saturday, November 16, people will gather in over 100 communities across Canada at MPs offices and local landmarks.

Thousands of people, and over 35 environmental, Indigenous and community groups, are coming together to show growing and united opposition to the threat posed by pipe

Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace activists charged with piracy in Russia over Arctic oil protest

From peaceful action to dramatic seizure: a timeline of events since the Arctic Sunrise took action to save the Arctic from oil drilling on September 18 (CET). Take Action to Free the Arctic 30 Now!


The Climate Killers are still out there!

The Climate Killers Meet the 17 polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming


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