November 4: International Day of Action Against Climate Change

Nov 4 (or thereabouts) will see potentially hundreds of thousands of people on the street demanding government action on climate change. Actions range between cyber-actions and "turn-off" boycotts, to street marches to pickets and blockades of carbon-producing industries, as the people of the world see the increasing effects of climate change hitting home.

This week the UN released a report saying the evidence for climate change is "far more robust" than ever before.[1] A landmark report by UK Economist Nicolas Stern [2] has shook up the world with it's dire predictions of economic catastrophe. However dire as the cash-flow effect of climate change might be, we need to remember, as George Monbiot says, that "The principal costs of climate change will be measured in lives, not pounds" [3]

International Actions
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Heatwave FM - Climate Rescue Radio reporting on events as they happen as the day unfolds. Tune in to the internet stream at

Africa Nov 11 actions to coincide with the UN Climate Talks (MOP 2, COP 12) in Nairobi, Kenya from 6th to 17th November 2006.
[UN Climate Change Conference website]


Project: Match Against

Project: Match Against climate change 2008 Background The Essay writing and Signature collection against climate change campaign, Offers young people around Ghana the opportunity to demand and pledge support to the campaign against climate change The young people in Ghana believe that climate change and environmental destruction have severe consequences and impart on our generation. Despite unprecedented knowledge, skills and resources, we have the resources to change this and will no longer stay seated and silent in the face of climate change. Concept The Essay writing and Signature collection match against climate change which will be executed in Ghana is to give young people the opportunity to associate themselves with the fight against climate change. Each participating school and institution will be given the needed logistics to complete the Essay writing and Signature collection. Mobilizing members, comprising of young people, students, workers, media and delegate on 6 December 2008. The inscriptions messages and the petition will be presented to the government of Ghana, parliament, embassies and the ministry of local government and environment

"Man Made?"

I know alot of you want to be "engaged" in life, but climate change is not a good issue. The climate changes whether we like it or not.

Organizing rallies does as much good if you were protesting volcanic activity. The Earth is a dynamic planet and we but passengers.

Do your homework on this. (Example: CO2 from the oceans is by far the most significant player in contributing to atmospheric content. This is controlled by the temperature of the water- the higher the temperature, the less dissolved CO2. This means that CO2 is stored in the water when it is cold and released into the atmosphere when it is warmer. CO2 does NOT cause global warming, but is a symptom.)

If you want to demonstrate for the truth, picket the UN, there is very little there.

Alarm signals!

Another alarm signal that is pulled. Congratulations! I am very interested in the matter, as I am very shoked by the rapid changes that climate passes through.

I share the opinion that the ocean and, by expanding, the war at sea and the ocean activity, have a great impact on the way the climate changes. In order to determine steps in stabilizing the climate, I guess we must first understand how we got in this situation in the first place. I have found an interesting, to say the least, thesis on the matter:, where A. Bernaerts has a synthesis of his booklet on Naval War changes Climate.

More photos

more photos of actions around the world here:

Report backs:

Melinda Cook from Australia reports

Absolutely fantastic turnout. Wet miserable day in Sydney. 40,000 marched
there, and over 30,000 in Sydney. She is still getting reports from other
cities, but estimates 90,000 across Australia. Media all over it.

This is now globally bigger than all the demos last year put together.

From: "Jonathan Neale"
Subject: [globalclimatecampaign] report on nz, taiwan, korea, oz
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 08:30:47 +0000

preliminary report from sydney - 15,000 at start of demo. more info to
follow. demos good in many other cities.

New zealand - greenpeace climbed power station. 300 blocked Queen Street in
Auckland. Actions in Wellington and Christchurch. very good press coverage.

Taiwan - 600 marched. Organisers very pleased. Very good media, legislator
attended march. went to unofficial US media. Then had a festival, and went
to flower market to demonstrate.

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical world."

- Thomas Jefferson
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Photos from Nov 4th

We have 250 odd photos from yesterday (Nov 4th) from different cities but mainly London so far.

Actions on Nov. 4th in 21 States Around the USA

Just three days before the November 7th election, thousands of Americans will be participating in local actions in 21 states calling for the federal government to take action now to address the global warming climate crisis.

November 4th is the second International Day of Climate Action. Last year, on December 3rd, 80,000 people internationally in 20 countries participated in the first international day. This year there are 48 countries where actions are being organized.

November 4th was chosen as the day of action this year because it falls just before a major United Nations Climate Conference taking place Nov. 6-17 in Nairobi, Kenya. Activists within this mushrooming, grassroots international movement are calling for delegates in Nairobi and the nations of the world to respond to the accelerated pace of climate change by dramatically strengthening the Kyoto Protocol.

In the USA, activists will be calling upon the U.S. government to join the 166 other countries of the world that have endorsed the Kyoto Protocol. They will be demanding that the federal government enact legislation next year to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% as soon as possible.

They are also calling for an end to all federal subsidies for coal, oil, natural gas and carbon-intensive agriculture and for those monies to be used instead to jump-start a renewable energy economy based on wind, solar, tidal power, biomass, small-scale hydropower and other non-nuclear, sustainable energy technologies.

A wide range of actions will be taking place on November 4th.

In Boston, Massachusetts a coalition of groups is organizing the “Boston Coal Party,” channeling the spirit of the Boston Tea Party by featuring colonial-themed street theater in which participants dump boxes of coal, just as our ancestors dumped British tea over 200 years ago.

In Essex County, N.J. scores of bicyclists will ride for 7 ½ miles through the towns of Montclair and Bloomfield in a Bike Ride for a Healthy Planet.

In Virginia 250 or more young people will converge for a youth environmental summit at the College of William and Mary organized by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

In Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Vermont and Washington, Greenpeace USA’s Hot Seat campaign is organizing “aerial art” actions involving large numbers of people arranged on the ground to make a statement about the need for action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In St. Louis, Mo. the World Aquarium has set up a Global Warming Display, is providing information about their sustainable actions via lighting, insulation, food choices, etc., and encouraging visitors to take action.

The University of California at Berkeley will experience a Climate Change Fair on campus the evening of November 3rd.

And in Boothbay Harbor and Damariscotta, Maine, activists in both communities will be out with a clothesline filled with “dirty laundry” that exposes the environmental rollbacks and contributions to global warming.

Further information on these and the many other local actions in the USA can be found at .

Information on what is happening internationally can be found at .

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical world."

- Thomas Jefferson
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