Kyoto Now: Protest on December 8, 2007

On December 8, Rally Around the Earth for Climate Justice and a Safer, Healthier Planet!


You have a power you may not recognize - the power to stop climate chaos. According to the World Health Organization, climate change is already killing 150,000 people every year, and that could double to 300,000 annual deaths by 2030. Whole ecosystems face upheaval and millions of people face displacement. The climate is in crisis, but we can avoid climate catastrophe if we take action now to save the Kyoto Protocol.

People around the world are preparing for the largest planetary day of action yet to stop climate chaos. Join hundreds of thousands of people in 60 countries (and counting) who will be on the streets to demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent catastrophic climate chaos. The entire world needs to move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty, which is both equitable and effective in preventing dangerous climate change.

Stop Climate Chaos - Canada:

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Photos of the Berlin Klima Demo

I have put on my website some photos I took during the Klima Demo, in Berlin, 8th December 2007.
The link is

Too few people KNOW about this protest

Save the GreenParty of Canada, I've heard very little about this international protest.I haven't heard word ONE from the usual sources.

Maybe its time I reconsider my Progressive News sources again...


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"We, two, form a Multitude" ~ Ovid.


"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

Middle School Environmentalism

Press Release on November 27th 2007, These children chose this campaign to collaborate with your date and mission. Jupiter Middle School will start a fundraiser for Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. A place for displaced animals due to development in Florida. The Jupiter Middle School 'tree-huggers' will sell the Green License Plate for the Environment with proceeds to benefit Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. The cost of the license plate is $10.00, the campaign should be under way next week to finish December 8th, the International Call to Action Day for the Environment. We will present a check to David at Busch Saturday the 8th, followed by a fresh fruit & vegetable picnic and of course a visit with the Animals. To attain more information regarding the fundraiser contact: William Djubin Founder EarthRehab


Because We Love This Earth… December 8, 2007: A Call to Action
From December 3 to 14, 2007, international representatives and heads of
states will meet in Bali, Indonesia to address the challenge of setting
new parameters of human activity in preparation for the expiration of
the Kyoto Protocol in 2012. The mandate is to limit and prevent further
unbridled greenhouse gas emissions into the planet's atmosphere to
prevent the unimaginable from becoming the inevitable.
The international environmental movement, in more than 39 countries,
will mobilize at the time of the conference, on December 8th. The
planetary community is calling for courageous and unprecedented
decisions from governments, from institutions, from all of us -- to
change our course. We must develop binding and effective limits on
carbon emissions and a global strategy for conversion to renewable
energy sources, such as the sun, the wind and the sea, along with
appropriate rewards and deterrents.
In the United States, we have the opportunity -- and the responsibility
as one of the major contributors to the crisis -- to make December 8th
an overwhelming manifestation of hope and determination in every
community throughout the land - where we live. As human beings,
conscious of our unique impact on this beloved earth, we have the duty
and the potential of finding our way out of this danger, to change the
footprint to an imprint of hope.
Can we come together across the usual barriers that divide us for a new
expression of our unity as planetary citizens?
Global warming carries unprecedented implications for the food, water,
health and security of the Earth and our children as the temperatures
become intolerable and the sea levels rise.
We see the unequal impact of the climate crisis and natural disasters
on the poorest, most vulnerable countries and communities, reminding us
those natural disasters are never simply that. We must work for justice
on every level as we call for a new way of being on this earth
together, and understand how power and privilege play determining roles
on even the impact of a storm, a drought, a fire. We are calling for a
day of reflective action, information, community participation;
expressing urgency and possibility in an explosion of imaginative
shapes, voices and forms.
Let us make December 8th a day our children and grandchildren and their
children will look back on as a time when we stopped and started again,
with renewed imagination and clarity, unified in caring for this
natural world -- human, plant, animal - water, air, earth - ourselves
and one another.
We call on all to put aside business as usual on December 8th

Stop it now!

The message is simple: if we want to stop climate change, we need to just STOP! Here’s my five-point plan to save the planet from climate change: A ban on all motorised transport We must only travel using human-powered vehicles. It’s a small world - and it will feel like it when travelling more than 20 miles becomes impractical. A ban on all petro-chemical, poison-spraying agriculture All food should be locally grown and organic. Given that moving food any great distance without lorries will be extremely difficult, this will be a necessity anyway. Spreading insecticides and fertilisers to try to grow more stuff and to stop other creatures from eating it is simply unnatural. Let Gaia decide if we eat or not. A ban on all space heating In a properly insulated house, you should be able to keep warm just be eating, exercising and wrapping-up warm. So why do we need all those stupid, planet-scorching heaters? You will, of course, need heat for cooking. Lentils would be inedible otherwise, and that simply wouldn’t be practical. Restrictions on health care Hospitals, medicines, vaccinations all put a dreadful strain on the planet because they only encourage people to live longer than they would otherwise do if nature took its course. As a result, a number of important organisms have been all but wiped out; smallpox is a good example. The longer people hang around on this mortal coil, the more of them there are to feed, clothe, educate, transport. If we must have medical care, I would introduce a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ system. The best way to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint is to have fewer footprints. Point 3 should really help with the old people, but we may need to consider enforced euthanasia at some point. Reducing the number of children born As I’ve noted before, having children is one of my biggest regrets, a selfish decision with negative consequences for the fragile web of life. I constantly remind my children that they are a terrible drain on the planet. Sometimes they cry. I think it’s good that they share Gaia’s pain. Following on from point 4, I would only allow one child per couple - good idea, China! But I’d go further than the Chinese have. I would only permit some, carefully selected couples to have a child - which would be taken at an early age to be raised in special eco-villages where they would learn to be the protectors of the planet - the Green Guards (another idea I’ve borrowed, sort of, from China). Current efforts to indoctrinate our children at school by force-feeding them green propaganda are very worthy but they really don’t go far enough. Ultimately, the world’s population must be reduced - by 5.9 billion. But the 100million left, devoid of cars, planes, heaters and fertilisers will be a much smaller burden on the planet. What a happy place it will be!