Climate Alarm! blocks Euro biz conference

Blockading the Business ConferenceOUR CLIMATE NOT YOUR BUSINESS! For over 1.5 hours, hundreds of corporate lobbyists wishing to attend the annual Business Europe conference were prevented from entering the Charlemagne building this morning. The Climate action group Climate Alarm!, consisting of activists from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, blocked the main entrance to the conference.
Photos on Flickr | Video: blockade in Brussels by climate activists halts European Business Conference

Eight activists physically blocked revolving doors and shut side doors with chains. Another group attached loud alarms to balloons which then floated to the ceiling. The group then disrupted the lobby area for over an hour and a half, playing music and shouting slogans:

The blockade only fell after one of the chains was cut, but even then it took a long time for the police to make the entrance area open for participants. There was a lot of media, photo journalists and television cameras.

The police first arrested a man who had nothing to do with the action. In the end, another 25 activists were arrested. One of the detained individuals later escaped police custody.

BusinessEurope is the biggest industry lobby group in Brussels and unites many of the most polluting sectors. Corporate sponsors include Shell, Arcelor Mittal, BASF and Daimler, who are all known for their anti-climate lobbying.

The police used excessive violence by spraying pepper spray into the closed cubicles of the revolving doors in which people had voluntarily trapped themselves. The police did this after they had already cut the chains of one door.

More climate action will follow!

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