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Re: hansen's upcoming paper

Thanks for the correction, Eddie

Hansen's upcoming paper

In the interview Hansen did not want me to mention his upcoming paper for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. They embargoed it. But he told me the gist. What would happen to the earth if we were to exploit all fossil fuel reserves.. He was NOT referring to the " 6 page scientific paper published in April 2009 in Nature: Greenhouse-Gas Emission Targets for Limiting Global Warming to 2C, which you reported. Eddie Becker

mangroves of the Caribbean threatened by tourism

The last large mangrove are in St. Maarten is being destroyed now to make a new road expansion. The road is  to make life easier for SUV driving tourists and time-share owners on the island. The ecology will collapse for sea life when they finish the no-debate, no-vote policy of destruction.



Permafrost Not the Whole Methane Picture or Even the Worst of It

Right now and worsening during anthropogenic or any thermal maximum type global warming event is the activation of two much larger sources of land-based carbon and this is the release of methane caused by soil bacteria, called Actinobacteria, an anaerobic bacteria activated by warmer average temperatures (already activating), that release the carbon stored in world soils in Glomalin, a component of fungi. This release is in Methane (CH4). 90% or more of all carbon stored on land is stored in Glomalin. Also, extra gigatons of Methane are currently being released by warming vegetation or by vegetation itself from the Equator to the Tundra that finds itself over time in a warmer average climate regime. The CH4, Methane, stored in melting permafrost is not, however, at all insignificant. It, by itself, represents at least 450 gigatons of additional carbon in the form of Methane, as well, which is 23x to 60x the warming agent of CO2 and works right away. Remember that the total atmospheric gigatonnage of CO2 at present is about 450 gigatons. You understand the problem better when you compare all the REAL sources for Methane against even the large inputs of CO2 from 1760 to the present, of which, we're only experiencing about 50% of its warming effects. The 50% that we're not feeling is because CO2 works much more slowly over time at the beginning of a thermal maximum to warm the planet. Also, a large part of CO2 warming or any warming is masked by anthropogenic particulate pollution, which includes airliner exhaust, car emissions, as well as dust and other pollutants from poorly environmentally regulated manufacturing in China, India and other locations. Also, forests are burning at higher rates because of anthropogenic warming and greater access provided to disease and insect vectors weakening the integrity of forests along with poor management practices of woodlands.

Time for talking is over we have prevaricated for 20 years

Solar activity has nothing to do with it according to peer reviewed science.

We need carbon controls as carbon pollution is increasing CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to increases in temperature. Government is responsible for regulating society for the common good. Avoiding climate catastrophe must be seen as a common good, which must pre-empt the rights of the market to continue to pollute our atmosphere for profit.

To achieve a limit of 2 degrees of warming we can only afford to emit globally 565 gigatonnes of CO2. However, known fossil fuel reserves - oil, coal, natural gas - amount to over five times this quantity, some 2,795 gigatons in reserves. So we need carbon taxes, carbon trading schemes, and other regulatory mechanisms to phase out the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Sorry, we have prevaricated for 20 years - since the 1992 Rio summit.

Time for talking bullshit is finished.



Solar activity is largely not involved

Actually, we have been in a solar minimum, and solar activity accounts for only a very small proportion of global warming

CO2 lagging temperature applies for paleoclimate degaciation episodes with Milankovitch cycles - changes in orbit of the earth. This is not the case happening now. Human industrial society is producing voluminous quantities of CO2, which leads to increasing temperature.




Global warming and increases in solar activity

Increased solar activity increases temperature on earth. The increases in CO2 follows temperature increase and not the other way around. Are we responsibly...partly, however it is increased solar activity predominantly impacts temperature.

2 sides to this story!

Arguably increases in CO2 follows increases in temperature, and not the other way round. Al Core and his documentary have been proven to be a fraud, a push to bring in carbon controls and raise revenue through carbon taxes. The other side to this story is that an increase in temperature is followed by an increase in carbon in the atmosphere. The increases in temperature appear to be connected to increased solar activity.

Lets think a little before swallowing thie latest BS.

How to make a difference!

Obama can take actions in the name of National Security that will light up little known mortal danger and opportunities to greatly accelerate replacement of fossil fuels.

First, draw attention to the Fukushima fuel pool 100 feet in the air - that might kill us all if it falls in another expected major earthquake.

Then prepare the nation for a surprisingly possible solar Killshot, a storm that can cause "hundreds of Fukushimas". Protecting the grid from collapse is now possible due to a couple of domestic firms that have developed the needed technologies. (I have no connection to either).

Decentralization or renewable power is now survival insurance. Start by adding 50 million more solar roofs.

See CHEAP GREEN and MOVING BEYOND OIL on the Aesop Institute website for breakthrough technologies. They include several, by a number of small firms, that will not be found in textbooks. As a result most are severely short of needed capital.

That problem can be solved by a few bold individuals of means who can make wise judgements and afford high risk. They might reap financial rewards, as well as make a difference far more important to everyone living on this endangered planet.


WWF statement on Kulluk grounding

WWF comments on the grounding of Shell Oil Company’s drilling rig

Jan 2, 2012: “This latest mishap by Royal Dutch Shell is a result of the race to drill in the pristine Arctic, and should be seen as a warning about the inherent risks and dangers of oil development in a harsh marine environment.

“As a harbinger of the challenges Alaska will face as Arctic industries grow, the Administration and Congress should use this incident as a somber warning to re-evaluate their previous approvals and eagerness to drill in America’s Arctic. That this latest incident occurred - despite significant investment by Shell to prepare for the difficulty of operating here - underscores the point that there’s no safe and easy way to exploit the Arctic.

“And this is just the latest in a series of setbacks for Shell, including  the botched trial of  its containment dome, the delay in readying its response barge, the onboard fire and near-grounding of one of its vessels in Dutch Harbor, and the numerous violations in pollution prevention discovered aboard its drilling rig, the Noble Discoverer.

“The race to accelerate oil development in the Arctic is jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of crew members on the Kulluk, US Coast Guard personnel, thousands of Alaska’s coastal residents, as well as rich wildlife populations and productive fisheries that feed millions.  

“After promising to the US administration and the public that it was ready for all contingencies in the Arctic, Shell has demonstrated yet again that this is not the case, and the consequences for Alaska and the nation are huge. 

“With the new year upon us, let’s hope 2013 ushers in a new era of environmental stewardship in the Arctic.” Margaret Williams, Managing Director, Arctic Program, WWF.

Source: WWF Press releases