USA: Goldman Sachs Sacks Coal Terminal Investment

Source: RAN - Rainforst Action NetworkSource: RAN - Rainforst Action NetworkSAN FRANCISCO, Tuesday, January7, 2014 --Today Goldman Sachs Infrastructure Partners sold off its remaining equity investment in Carrix, the parent company of Pacific International Terminals and SSA Marine that are behind a colossal coal export terminal proposal near Bellingham, Washington.

The move comes after coal companies and their proponents have tabled or dropped three out of six proposed coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest in the last two years. If built, the Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point would mean up to 18 mile - long coal trains traveling through local communities and up to 48 million tons of coal exported to Asian markets each year. It would be the largest coal export terminal in North America, and threatens to ruin the rich biodiversity and unique cultural legacy found in the region.

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Australia's coal expansion risks stranded assets

Activists call for Westpac Bank to divest from Fossil FuelsActivists call for Westpac Bank to divest from Fossil FuelsAustralia's headlong expansion of coal mining for export carries substantial investment risks of stranding assets says a new report from Oxford University. Previous warnings regarding potential risks of a carbon bubble have been made by Carbon Tracker, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and International Energy Agency (IEA).

During December 2013 the Abbott Federal Government gave approval for massive coal port expansion in Queensland at Abbot Point and expansion of coal seam gas (CSG) facilities in Gladstone. It also approved the third coal mine to operate in the Galilee basin 450km from the coast. Environmental approval processes were also passed to the authority of State Governments to streamline further mining approvals, as well as Federal funding immediately cut to Environmental Defenders Offices in each state.

Hundreds rally to oppose brown coal allocation and export from Victoria

Hundreds rallied outside the Victorian Parliament House opposing plans for brown coal allocation and development for a coal export industry from the La Trobe Valley and Gippsland.

Currently 13 billion tonnes of brown coal is being considered for allocation by the Napthine conservative state Governmnet, despite the impact of this in carbon emissions on climate change and increasing temperatures and extreme weather. As well as the allocation of coal licences, $90 million of Federal and State subsidies are also up for grab. Does subsidising brown coal make sense when we should rapidly be transitioning to renewables? See Youtube Video

COP19: Christiana Figueres’ Speech to the World Coal Association International Coal & Climate Summit

Christiana Figueres at COP19: Photo courtesy The Lowy ReporterChristiana Figueres at COP19: Photo courtesy The Lowy ReporterThere has been much controversy surrounding Christiana Figueres’ speech to the World Coal Association International Coal & Climate Summit, covered by us here and

Poland: Dismay At The Coal Powered Negotiations of COP19

Dismay At The Coal Powered Negotiations: photo by Sarah Marchildon via theverbDismay At The Coal Powered Negotiations: photo by Sarah Marchildon via theverbHosting COP18 in Doha, a city built on oil, was a choice that didn’t go unnoticed for its irony. The fact that Poland, a country that relies on coal for 88 per cent of its energy needs, is hosting COP19 has proved to be an equally controversial topic. Further scrutiny has been placed on Poland after news that the World Coal Association is hosting the International Coal & Climate Summit in Warsaw on November 18th and 19th, in a direct scheduling conflict the UNFCCC meetings.

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Poland: Greenpeace protests at coal power stations as Warsaw Climate talks start

Greenpeace protests at 6 Polish coal fired power stations: Image © Konrad Konstantynowicz / GreenpeaceGreenpeace protests at 6 Polish coal fired power stations: Image © Konrad Konstantynowicz / GreenpeaceGreenpeace activists launched protests at six coal fired power stations across Poland just before the UN climate conference - COP19 - started. Using projectors on Sunday night the activists projected anti-coal messages onto the power stations urging the world’s governments to phase out fossil fuels which cause serious environmental damage.

Messages projected included “Climate change starts here!” and “Storms start here!” and highlighted the link between greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like Super Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines.

Australia: Coal ship boarded by Greenpeace activists off the Great Barrier Reef

Greenpeace activists board coal ship on Great Barrier ReefGreenpeace activists board coal ship on Great Barrier ReefIn a climate change protest over Australian coal exports, Greenpeace activists boarded a bulk coal carrier while navigating through the Great Barrier Reef on 23 April 2013. The ship, the MV Meister, had just loaded coal from Abbot Point, located 25km north of the town of Bowen on the central Queensland coast. Abbot Point coal loading facility is being expanded, with four new coal terminals proposed to be built, part of the development of 9 new coal terminals for the Great Barrier Reef Coast.

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Philippines: Climate campaigners expose dirty coal, demand shift to renewable energy

Philippines protest on Earth Day 2013Philippines protest on Earth Day 2013Philippines, 22 April 2013. 300-strong climate activists and anti-coal advocates stormed the Department of Energy to voice out their opposition to coal mines and coal-fired power plants promoted by the government and to launch the group’s Campaign Against Dirty Energy and for People’s Access to Safe, Renewable and Democratic Energy Alternatives.

This is in celebration of Earth Day and the group’s National Day of Action against Coal.

Led by the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ), the groups brought body bags, gas masks and paper-made Philippine Cockatoos wearing masks to avoid the pollution from coal and highlighted how coal damages not only the environment and biodiversity but our lives, literally taking lives -, thus, the statement: COAL KILLS.

U.S.: Seattle Idle No More: Lummi people reject Cherry Point coal loader

Seattle Idle No More 21 March 2013Seattle Idle No More 21 March 2013Last Thursday Native Americans from the Lummi nation and their supporters rallied and marched in Seattle to stop the Pacific Gateway coal terminal being built at Cherry Point.

U.S.: Oregon residents Sound the Alarm on coal dust, coal export and climate change

Sound the Alarm Rally, Salem OregonSound the Alarm Rally, Salem OregonOregonians rallied on the steps of the State Capital in Salem on Wednesday 13 March to protest Australian company Ambre Energy's Morrow Pacific coal export project which would transport 8 million metric tonnes of coal annually by rail and barge down the Columbia river destined to be burnt in China, with the pollution returning by prevailing winds to the US and Canada.

Columbia Riverkeeper reported on their facebook page that 425 people attended the midweek rally in Salem to stop coal export. See pictures of the rally on Demotix. You can read more about the fight to stop coal export from the Pacific Northwest at Power Past Coal.

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