End CO2lonialism - Activists disrupt Barcelona climate talks final plenary

Todays action; banner drop - roaring delegates? - visiting aliens??? - Original report Indymedia Ireland

At about 5pm this evening as the closing plenary of what can only be seen as a very disapointing climate talks in Barcelona, 2 people got up with a banner and walked toward the front stage shouting "Markets are the problem, not the solution". The banner said "End CO2lonialism". (Video on Youtube)

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Barcelona Climate Change Talks - Main entrance shut down by activists while Africa boyotts talks

Africa abandons Barcelona's pre COP15 climate talks - Anger in the streets at rich nations inaction. Delay is not an option, delay kills
This week (monday 2 - friday 6) the Barcelona International Climate Change Talks are happening, five days of formal negotiations, in the lead up to COP 15. Since Saturday there have been a series of actions in the cities streets as well as at the conference centre to raise awereness, to unite eco movements and to try to force change during this window of opportunity in the conference centre at the far side of Montjuic. But will it be enough to get us out of our AGE OF STUPID? Perhaps not, news has just come through today that African countries have abandoned the talks.

Saturday - Manifestation in Barcelona streets; "The climate is not for sale" (Youtube vid | report)
Sunday - Outdoor film screening in city streets - 11th hour - Age of Stupid - Eco hopes (poster)
Monday - TckTckTck wake up call for climate talks - Youtube - Greenpeace banner drop - Anarchist night greeting
Tuesday - Reuters: Africa boycott U.N. climate talks - Evening Water Lobby group targeted
Wednesday - Main entrance shut down by activists
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Copenhagen Climate treaty may Subsidise Forest Destruction

Conservation organisations have warned that the Copenhagen climate treaty threatens to subsidise the destruction of the world's remaining rainforests instead of financing their protection.

At the end of treaty negotiations in Bangkok on 8 October the European Union blocked language to prevent conversion of natural forests to plantations. Without the safeguard, industrial-scale logging and replacement of tropical forests with pulp or palm oil plantations could be funded by money intended to help developing countries reduce the 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, forest degradation and peatland destruction.

Update 2 Nov: European Union sets back Forest Negotiation, threatens Copenhagen Deal | Climate Defenders Camp established to preserve Indonesian Rainforest Peatlands

Climate Alarm! blocks Euro biz conference

Blockading the Business ConferenceOUR CLIMATE NOT YOUR BUSINESS! For over 1.5 hours, hundreds of corporate lobbyists wishing to attend the annual Business Europe conference were prevented from entering the Charlemagne building this morning. The Climate action group Climate Alarm!, consisting of activists from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, blocked the main entrance to the conference.
Photos on Flickr | Video: blockade in Brussels by climate activists halts European Business Conference

U.S.: Climate Justice Activists Interrupt Danish Minister to deliver “US Climate Bill”

Presenting the BillEnvironmental activists, some dressed as “Trillionaires for Bad Math” today delivered a “climate bill” to Copenhagen, ahead of schedule.  The mock “bill” was delivered at a 3 pm lecture at Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs hosted by Danish Climate and Energy minister Connie Hedegaard. Hedegaard is the chairperson of the UN climate summit to be held in Copenhagen this December, where many hope that a strong global climate agreement will be signed.

North America: RAN Tar Sands Oil action!

Rainforest Action Network: Harper Go Home

Posted here by Brant in RAN General on September 15th, 2009

Before dawn this morning, a small team of climate activists
is rapelling from the US observation deck at Niagara Falls. Dangling
hundreds of feet above the ground, they’re sending a special welcome
message to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of his first
official visit to the White House.

U.S.: Dr. James Hansen and Daryl Hannah Arrested in Protest on Mountaintop Removal

In an act of civil disobedience against the highly destructive coal mining practice of Mountain Top removal, NASA climate scientist James Hansen, actor Darryl Hannah, and Michael Brune from the Rainforest Network were arrested along with 28 other people at Coal River Mountain in West Virginia reports the Rainforest Action Network.

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U.S.: Climate activists DC flashmob

"Over 30 young activists converged on the cafeteria, cleverly wearing
the suit-and-tie disguise that is customary there, and doing nothing
out of the ordinary until at precisely 12:15 pm they froze like
statues. Where groups of ‘mobbers’ stood close together, frozen,
reaching for ketchup, adjusting glasses, adjusting a hair clip, paused
mid-stride etc, the effect was striking. At the end of two minutes of
stillness one member of the ‘mob’ yelled out tick, tick, tick, a catch
cry of Tck Tck Tck a global campaign for urgent climate action run by
the Global Humanitarian Forum and supported by a broad coalition of
climate groups."

"Following this signal, the flash mob raised its voice in unison, crying
out  “The world can’t wait any longer. The ACES bill must be stronger.
Solve climate change now.” Instantly the group dispersed distributing
playing cards (all aces) throughout the cafeteria with the message “The
world needs better. Make ACES stronger. Strengthen and pass HR2454.”

Full report on It's getting Hot in here Blog | Video on Youtube 

Climate Emergency: Thousands march for action across Australia

Business As Usual

On June 13, 2009 thousands of people around Australia rallied for action on Climate Change, calling for 100% renewable energy by 2020 and demanding that Australia must make the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar and other available renewable technologies. Rallies were held in capital cities around Australia, with people siting down outside Kevin Rudd's city office in Sydney and a sitdown protest in front of the Melbourne Town Hall where the Victorian State ALP conference was ocurring.

Perth Indymedia | Melbourne - Greenlivingpedia Report, Photos 1, Photos 2, Rally Video, Damien Lawson video | Sydney Youtube Video | Brisbane Report

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