In this category of Survival Food you will learn quite a lot about how to survive on the food you gather and grow for yourself and your family. Living sustainably is crucial to any type of survival. Planning ahead is crucial to your success in any scenario where you may be cut off from the rest of society.

Basics of Survival Food

Do you know or understand how many calories a human body consumes during the day? Do you know how much energy you will need to expend to get things done around your home or compound? It is this type of knowledge that will literally save your life in the future.

Proper nutrition is probably one of the first aspects to survive in any natural disaster, or a human made disaster. It has been said that it only would take two weeks of lack of supplies for the rest of society to start to crumble. Those that haven’t planned on making it through the really tough times are in for a shock when their local grocery store no longer gets restocked with supplies.

The best mindset you can adopt to get through any situation where you may be cut off from a steady supply of groceries is to live like these supplies have already been cut off. If you already live as if you were cut off from society then the food you make for you and your family should be able to help you get through any difficult times.

Stocking up on dried foods and other supplies is what is typically performed by those planning for the worst case scenario. These supplies can be either military grade meals ready to eat (MRE’s) or the gourmet equivalent that some entrepreneurs have taken up making to cater to the survival crowd.

Having excess amount of survival food is a good idea especially when things start to go downhill. You can use these supplies to trade labor from your neighbors and to help forge alliances. Food won’t just be a commodity like it is today but rather a form of currency to get things done; you can see your survival food stockpile as a savings account that can be used when times are difficult.

Obviously you probably didn’t dream to become a farmer yet that is exactly what you will have to become if you wish to actually get through these tough days ahead. There are many new technologies that can be used in limited spaces that would help you grow some significant yield of food.

For instance, if you are really strapped for space you could use hydroponics and tiered grow boxes to maximize space. Using greenhouses during the winter months if you happen to live in a cold climate can extend your growing season. Again, the best time to start to actually do this is before things get out of hand. By planning ahead and practicing for when disaster strikes you may end up on top of the food chain so to speak.

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