Stocking up on survival food for an upcoming disaster is something many people consider doing and few follow through. When it comes to storing enough food for your entire family there are few options that come to mind. Buying MRE’s off the shelf is certainly a popular choice among many preppers, however, as many people have pointed out the taste of MRE is something that takes a while to get accustomed to.

For those that are not in know an MRE stands for meal ready to eat, or a prepackaged meal prepared by the United States military. It is possible for everyday civilians to buy these meals. An MRE can come in handy and they have a shelf life of several decades so they are easy to store. However, there may be some better options that you should consider as well.

For instance, did you know there are gourmet dried foods very similar to MRE’s but rather made for civilians who are preparing for some sort of natural disaster? It is true; these meals are made to be prepared with minimal amount of tools or equipment yet taste far better than most freeze dried and prepackaged foods. These may not be on par with your local Michelin star restaurant but they will certainly taste a lot better than what U.S. soldiers have to eat while out in the field.


However, have you considered that you really don’t have to suffer at all during a crisis? What I mean by that is that if you are into canning and jarring your food you can create a stash of items you actually enjoy eating to be used throughout the year regardless if there is a disaster or not. Food preserving is not exactly a new science and there are a plethora of recipes available in ebooks and online that you can try.

Survival food


Using a combination of fresh, jarred, and preserved foods you should be able to outlast most natural disasters and if the crisis should never subside than you should have enough survival food to make it through the lean times. Ideally, you will have a home in the suburbs or in the country so you can grow your own fresh vegetables and fruits. If that is not the case then making friends with people who have access to these resources should become a top priority.

One thing to consider is forging alliances with people who share your same beliefs of being prepared during an upcoming disaster. It is just simply false thinking that you can rely solely on your own resources during a time when there may be a lack of civilization. It is these alliances that will allow everyone involved to work together to survive through even the worst times you may have ever faced.

By studying times when society was “simpler” you should be able to come up with a plan that will allow you to maximize the amount of land you have and be able to trade with your neighbors. The trick is to get everyone on board so that everyone is good to go when the manure hits the fan.

Next to food, of the most important things that you should have in your survival supplies is water and here you can find out why.