Do you have what it takes to survive a natural disaster? Are you even starting to prepare at all for something calamity that may befall your area? The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot rely on the government to come rescue you when some large catastrophe should hit around you. This is not an alarmist viewpoint but something that even government officials are trying to drill into their citizens so that they are more prepared.

By purchasing just a few items you may be better prepared than most of your neighbors. These items are not typically associated with survival but they can be repurposed for just that cause. A pressure cooker for instance is great to have in your house when you need to prepare foods quickly and to inject a lot of flavor into tough meats. However, a pressure cooker is a must have item if you plan on doing any jarring or canning.

The process of jarring and canning food should become second nature and it is definitely something you should practice doing if you have any hope of surviving any natural disaster. Developing a cache of food is something that most preppers consider to be a staple to their survival plan.

Another item to have in your arsenal of kitchen items for survival is a smoker of some kind. Smoking meat can be used to preserve meat and to make your own beef jerky or other meat jerky’s. Using beef jerky or drying meats out for later use is a good source of protein. Cow and other meats may become rare for a while so this is crucial to your survival. The human body simply needs enough protein to be able to survive through these tough times.

Speaking of protein it may be advisable to grow some of your own sources of protein that can be used in the future. It is now quite popular to grow chickens in your backyard for really fresh eggs that haven’t been manipulated by anything. However, chickens come with their own headaches and don’t supply a lot of protein per pound. Rabbits on the other hand are a great source of protein and can be grown in a smaller environment. It turns out that rabbits actually eat less than chickens yet produce more protein per pound, so they are far more efficient.

Besides if all your neighbors have chickens and you have rabbits that mean you can trade a couple of your rabbits for some eggs. Growing items your neighbors aren’t growing is something to consider so that you can utilize the space you have. Get used to haggle and barter for future food items, that is a skill that will come in handy.

Now of course you will probably want to buy some already prepared prepackaged foods but if you are in the suburbs or in the country you could and should start assembling a cache of seeds. These seeds should be from plants are known to be able to survive tough conditions and are easily grown in your area. Creating and growing a garden of vegetables before any calamity hits will mean you are that much further ahead than everyone else.

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