Obtaining survival gear involves more than just buying camping gear and propane stoves. You simply don’t know how long any disaster will last. What you should really obtain is knowledge that is going to help you survive regardless of how long any disaster should last.

Basically, if you really think about it the people who lived in  medieval times used their wits to survive. They invented or built tools to help them with their daily tasks. Using the same  mentality you could easily build whatever you needed to if  you knew how.

 Build a Survival Gear Workshop?

The one item that seems to be missing from everyone’s survival plan is a workshop that doesn’t run on electricity and is sufficiently off grid to not really need any outside assistance. Using a workshop such as this it would be possible to craft almost any survival gear you would need for the future. You could make siege weapons, furniture for your home, furniture to sell, other items to sell to neighbors, whatever your imagination should dictate.

Survival Gear

A workshop such as this would allow you to build tools that you may not even know you would need in the future. A library of plans from these ancient times would be extremely beneficial. Again it is this type of out of the box thinking that many people even in the prepper community haven’t thought about.

Why is Survival Gear Only a Band Aid?

The “gear” that so many people want is something that would work for a period of time, however, if you lack the skills to function in the wild without any survival gear eventually you will die. The simple cold hard reality of the matter is that those who plan on surviving during a calamity just using “gear” are prone to become corpses. It is those who plan on training to go into a forest with nothing but a knife and their wits and to be able to survive if not thrive.

Being interested in the world is something that every prepper should foster. A bee and a beaver can build their own shelter yet mankind has no knowledge of how to do that. Learning how to build homes with what was considered trash or garbage is a skill that will become extremely helpful in the future when society collapses. These “Earthship” homes that are very popular in Taos, New Mexico would be ideal forms of shelter for any settlers from the city or anyone else for that matter that needed a home.

Books and knowledge is something that should be craved by any prepper worth their salt. It is this knowledge and skills that will come in very handy should any calamity befall the people and community around them.

To survive these hard times you could just look at how other people who choose to live off the grid voluntarily and just plan on doing that. If you could start living off the grid now than all the better, after all the more independent you become the better off you will be should anything bad happen to society. By removing yourself from society ahead of time you become far more likely to be able to survive because you are not dependent upon others to survive. This may take some time to get used to but in the end you will save yourself and your family a lot of trouble.

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