Below you may find a list of some of the most necessary survival items you need to make it through a natural disaster or the collapse of modern society. Being unprepared is inexcusable, it is something that will separate the strong from the weak, and allow you to survive almost any natural disaster. Some of these items may take a while to accumulate but the effort it takes to obtain them will be well worth it in the end.

Your Body

You may not think of your body as part of your survival gear but the stark reality of the matter is that this is your first and most crucial weapon to use when times are tough. Being out of shape is just a liability and it will get you killed if a calamity should strike. You cannot outrun anything if you are obese and out of shape, as well being out of shape makes you far more prone to disease and other future health problems.

The first order of business to prepare for anything is to get in as best shape you can. To do that you could join your local Crossfit Box and train like your life depended upon it, because it does. Crossfit is something that many soldiers use to train to get in shape, and keep in shape, for the sheer reason is that is its primary goal. This may seem to be a bit of an extreme form of exercise to many but this will get you prepared for almost anything that may come your way.

As well as being physically fit you should be able to defend yourself. Learning some sort of self-defense course and practicing those techniques is crucial to staying alive. The combination of being physically fit and being able to defend yourself with skill can separate you from the rest of the pack.

Your mind

Again this is probably something you haven’t considered as part of your arsenal of tools to prepare for a disaster but thinking on your feet is something you will need to do often. Learning how to adapt to situations takes practice, you may want to take up some survival courses and practice what you have learned with other likeminded people. Again this is something to practice upon, because these skills can rapidly dull over time. That is why the military forces constantly train all the time to keep prepared. You should do the same.

Learning some foreign languages may not be something you have considered as part of your overall plan but there may be some pockets of civilization in the world, and if you can’t speak the language there you are done for. This will keep your mind active and slow the aging process everyone experiences when it comes to the aging mind.

Your kitchen tools

Yes part of your overall survival gear is actually in the kitchen. Canning and jarring food as part of your overall plan is crucial to your overall survival. If you don’t have enough food to make it through any disaster it doesn’t matter how fit and trained you are.

A pressure cooker is what is needed for jarring food. This can be used to make preserves, jarring vegetables for later use and also for rapidly cooking meals when you may need to “bug out” of town. Caching food is a part of your overall plan and you simply cannot do so without a pressure cooker.

Furthermore you should also have a good smoker, both electric and gas smoker would be ideal. A smoker than would be used to make your own jerky meats such as beef jerky and turkey jerky for a source of protein for when you are on the run or you just need some extra source of protein when times are lean.


Your Weapons

Yes survival involves obtaining and most importantly using the weapons you have. In fact, if you can learn how to make your own weapons with the materials you have around you the better off you will be. You can consider three different types of weapons in your arsenal, long range weapons, mid-range weapons, and close combat weapons.

For long range weapons a large caliber sniper rifle will come in quite handy. The stopping power of a large caliber sniper rifle would make any group of people think twice about approaching your area or your neighborhood. These sniper rifles are not cheap, some may cost in the range of 10 thousand dollars or more and obtaining one may be difficult. However, consider that you will want to stop any threats before they start to get really close to you.

Looking back in history you could also see some siege weapons as long range weapons. A catapult for instance is something that many may not even consider but if you have a large enough compound this would be an ideal way to protect your land from marauding hordes of people. This is something you can build over a couple weekends and store in a safe place on your property.

Mid-range weapons would then include your rifles you may have stored away. Typically an AR-15 rifle would be ideal to use for both hunting and for self-protection. These rifles are easy to come by and not that all expensive. The ammo to load these guns can be found in any large chain department store such as Wal-Mart or some other large hunting stores.

Having enough ammo for your weapons is crucial. You may want to learn how to make your own from materials you may find that are around you. This skill would be handy to have if you start to run low on this most essential part of your survival gear.

Keeping silent while hunting would be crucial to keeping your compound safe from other people. Bows and arrows are a very quiet way to hunt down animals for food. Crossbows and normal bows can be made from the forest that may be near your home. This is where the skill of making your own weapons comes in handy again, the more you don’t have to rely on others the better off you will be.

Short range weapons may include side arms such as handguns and knives. Handguns should have enough stopping power to make people think twice before proceeding further. A large caliber handgun can be effective enough to stop even a large vehicle if you know how to use it correctly.

The best way to survive a knife fight is not to get into one, at least that is the common wisdom that is touted among many people who are far more experienced in hand to hand combat. However, if you do plan on getting into a knife fight having a large enough blades to scare away your opponent may be enough to win the fight.

A sword then would be ideal. You can buy swords online that are hand crafted and extremely lethal. Since swords aren’t really regulated you could probably accumulate an arsenal without anyone noticing. Of course just having a weapon is meaningless if you don’t know how to use. Constantly practicing using your weapons is crucial to survival.

Final thoughts

The best way to survive anything is to try and prepare for most of likely scenarios that may come your way. Taking courses in urban and other environmental areas for survival would help you quite a bit. It is not the equipment that will ultimately save you but how resourceful you will be with your surroundings. Survival gear is useless if you end up getting shot in the head because you weren’t prepared for that likely event.

On the next page you are going to learn more why developing your own survival kit or kits is essential to make it through the really tough times.