Creating  bug out bags is probably the first step towards any preparedness plan. Everyone should have one in their home for each person in the family, it is just good common sense planning. However, there are some things you should know before you prepare your bug out bag that you may have never considered.

Bug Out Bags


You may find some pre-packed and ready to go bug out bags online. Don’t be tempted by these supposedly good deals. Every area of the country is different and your bag you carry should reflect where you are coming from and where you are heading to, that is where many people fail when packing their bags. For instance if you are leaving a urban environment and desire to head towards the country than your bug out bags should reflect that.


Pre-Packed Bug Out Bags

Some of these pre-packed bug out bags you may find online would simply make you a target for an attack. Don’t use anything marked “medical supplies” or use anything that is bright orange or any other bright colors. You don’t want to attract attention to yourself. After all, it would only take someone with a handgun and some bad motives to end up with your backpack and drawing attention to yourself in anyway during a crisis is a good way to end up losing everything or even losing your own life.

One of the keys to creating  good bug out bags that you will find useful is to test each iteration of your bag in a simulated scenario. That means you have to test to see if you need everything in your bag and to find out what you may be missing. To do this you must actually “bug out” for a weekend or two when you are not working or have other plans. Basically, you should consider planning your bag much like a fire drill, you have to practice to find out the perfect amount of materials you need to help you get where you want.

You can learn quite a bit from studying homeless people in your area. Now, you may not want to go and approach people on the street and ask them how they survive but rather learn from others who have observed their survival tactics. Homeless people are notoriously known to store or cache items they need in various parts of the city. You could essentially do the same thing by placing items you think you will need along the way in hidden areas.

Having various caches throughout your planned route will save you a lot of weight to carry when you are trying to get out of the city fast. It is the extra weight of items you may think you need that will slow you down and if things are really get bad fast then speed is your friend. Again, practice is key here, you may not know what you may need until the situation actually comes so simulating it is the only way to be at least a bit prepared.

Many people when making their bug out bags just go about it the wrong way. By using some simple common sense tips and planning ahead you will be head and shoulders above everyone else. It is this amount or prepping that will separate the survivors from those who will end up starving to death because they failed to plan ahead.

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