Survival Kit


You could consider a survival kit as just something to help you get home after a disaster strikes. If you are driving home after some calamity it is crucial that you have what it takes to get home so you can start to hunker down or bug out of town. The very first part of any survival kit would be materials to take care of any wounds or other injuries you may sustain along the way.

An EMT bag is good to have in the trunk of your car at all times. This bag is pre-packed with everything you may need if should run into a disaster. Being prepared in how to use this EMT bag is also crucial so it would be really handy to take an EMT course at your local community college or vocational school. Now, keep in mind that this survival kit is just to help you get home it is not for anything else.

What should be in a Survival Kit if it gets cold?

If you live in an area where snowfall is common and the roads can be blocked with snow than being prepared for that scenario is essential. That means you will want to carry enough water and food to help you get home if your car gets stranded for some reason. This food and water will be fine in your car as the winter months are of course typically cold and that helps act like a freezer to preserve everything.

Of course if that the case then all you will really need is a couple bottles of water to help you make the trek home as well as maybe a handgun to protect yourself from looters and other crazy people. Unfortunately, people jump on the chance to break into stores and rob them whenever there is a natural disaster. While some may consider this essential to their survival, and they may be right about that, it is still pitiful to steal electronics and televisions when society starts to collapse.

The Essential Parts Of Any Survival Kit

The key to any survival kit is to have enough potable water and food to help you reach your end destination. That means you will want to possibly pack for a weekend getaway. This is not your bug out bag per se but rather just something to help you get by. It is kind of an emergency chute to pull when things go really bad. Keeping this handy is ideal.

Now, it is probably the case for some, and a large part of the people reading this, that you don’t drive to and from work. Storing this survival kit in a safe location, however, is something you will need to do. Therefore you will want to have in on your route home, or at least one of your routes home, so that you can access it rapidly.

Don’t draw attention to yourself

A large backpack will just draw attention. It may be advisable to just use a backpack large enough to make yourself look like you are heading home from class instead of trying to get home from work. The more benign you can make yourself seem the better off you will be.

Just like a bug out bag this survival kit should be drilled and practiced upon. By practicing what you may need during simulated emergencies you can better plan ahead. There are just too many variables to take into account for everyone. Each city and each area is different so plan accordingly.

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