A good survival kit can really help you in a time of crisis. Clearly, you need to be prepared when things go really bad or some natural disaster strikes your area. Even if some disaster should strike some other parts of the United States, or some other parts of whatever country you live in, than it is probably going to affect the rest of the country.
Now with that in mind these kits can be used as is or you can mix and match some of the components of these kits for something you customize. Customization is probably the best idea as you can just grab what you need from one kit and then add to it for a special area or weather condition, such as the freezing cold that happens each and every year up in the Northern states.

The first item to look into

The first emergency supply kit is called the Earthquake Survival Ready to Go Kit, it has basically all you need for a couple days survival so that should help you at least get on your feet again after a big event. Now, don’t let the name fool you as you can use this for more than just Earthquakes. Any natural disaster would probably qualify if you needed to get out of your home.

One problem that many others have commented about this kit is that the bag is too bright red and it seems as if it is marked “Emergency Supplies” and that is always a bad idea. The best way to counter act this is to find a backpack or some other bag that is larger than what this comes with and then pack up some more supplies to make your own survival kit.

Ideally, if you really want to make your own survival kit from other kits it would be best to use some sort of military grade backpack. You can find these backpacks in military surplus stores or online, they are all over the place.
If you wanted to add to this kit it would probably help the situation. An emergency hand cranked radio would be idea as well as some solar panel battery chargers to charge up your electronics. Of course you would probably want to add some sort of portable water filter and also just some bottled water.

When looking at backpacks or any type of survival kit the denier of the bag is important. The denier is the measurement of strength of the material of the bag, the higher the number the stronger the bag. Hard-shell kits or suitcases are always a bad idea as those have a tendency to have a common point of failure and that is the latches.

The second kit to look into buying

The second kit to look into would be the Ready America 70280 Grab N Go 2 Person Emergency Kit as this is ideal if it is just two people. Even if you are a whole family you could just buy a couple of these kits for the kids and yourself.
Yes this is another kit from the same company above so again it may be best to buy another backpack or duffle bag to put these supplies into for your own safety. Why this company chooses to use such an obvious color is beyond me. Making it known to the people around you that you have supplies they may need is ridiculous and also very dangerous. When people are desperate they will literally kill you to take these supplies away, so please keep that in mind when any natural disaster strikes and be prepared.

Again the denier of these backpacks is just too low. A higher denier of the material would be advisable; you can find better bags in the backpacking section of any website or if you just search around. Something large enough to carry these materials as well as some other items including some change of clothes would be ideal.
One thing to keep in mind is the weight of these bags when they are full. If you can weigh out how much each of these bags will be when they are fully prepped and then train using that amount of weight you will be far more able to get around.

Being prepared means taking into account situations you may have never come across before. These survival kits help you get started but they aren’t the final solution, which may be something you have to prepare yourself. These survival kits help you get started on your way to being able to make it through some of the worst times you may have to deal with in your life.