Water Sources

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Finding good sources of water, when disaster strikes, are crucial to keep on living. You can go for about two weeks without food and survive but you will die a horrible death within a couple days if you don’t get enough water. Even the most rancid pond however can be a source of potable water if you are well enough equipped to purify it.

Go to any camping store and you will find water filters for lakes, ponds, or whatever. These filters are made specifically to filter out any horrible bacteria and other bugs that may cause intestinal issues. This is exactly what you may need to survive. Carrying around enough water on foot is quite frankly stupid if you plan on traveling hundreds of miles over rough terrain.

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Water Filters

Think outside the box

Thinking like some wilderness camper or soldier here would help you a lot. Purifying water basically means boiling the water to a high enough temperature to kill any bugs that may be living in it. Now if the water is filled with algae or other lifeforms than this may be a bit more complicated. Never assume that if the water is clear that it is safe to drink, that is a mistake that many people make when they are in a foreign country.

Water is purified naturally by going through the many layers of the earth. You could make your own ad-hoc water filtration system by using the same principles. By using a combination of PVC pipes, different grades of gravel and sand you could make a nice and quick water filter to use when you have acquired a good water source.

Use what comes naturally to you

Using rainfall is another source of water that many people use when times are tough. Again, however, don’t assume that just because the water fell from the sky that it is necessarily safe to drink. After all, natural disasters would probably cause damage to nuclear power plants as well as some industrial parks so the pollution in the surrounding area could be spread around through clouds and rainfall.

Filtering water is tougher when you are on the move. Stocking up on camping gear that will filter the water for you would give you an edge over others who didn’t consider using that. After a natural disaster it is common for people to loot for guns, food, ammo, but they always seem to forget about clean sources of water.

Get certified as a pool cleaner?

Believe it or not many survivalists take courses on water filtering from pool cleaning companies. These companies have very good courses in how to clean up even the most rancid pools of water. You can apply the same principles you learned in these courses for your own survival. Knowledge is very powerful especially tools any skills that will help you survive some disaster.

For your home or other place you may have built for such a disaster installing a “off grid” water filtration system would be an ideal way to have a potable water source at hand. Many people who live “off-grid” gather up and filter the rainwater that comes naturally to their property. These systems can be installed in such a way so that you can bypass the normal city water at will and just use your own stored water you may have at hand.

Of course installing your own water filtration system is going to be costly so please make sure you do it in an area you plan on staying for a while. The principles of cleaning water so you can drink it are not that complicated. Honestly, there are just a few things you need to keep in mind whenever you are planning on taking on this task.

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