Climate change is real whether you believe in it or not. The simple fact of the matter is that NASA is tracking the water levels of the Earth and they are steadily rising with each year. The amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere continues to rise without any sign of abatement. These are just facts, you don’t have to be a scientist to believe in climate change but listening to those who are warning of the upcoming calamity that will befall many is just a wise thing to do.

Regardless of your beliefs in climate change it is true that in your area you must have some form of natural disaster at one point or another. For instance, those that live in California are always under the threat of an Earthquake or a fire due to the constant drought state that area is under. In Florida, the threat is Hurricanes and lightning storms that can knock out the electrical grid at a moment’s notice.

These threats are real and ever present. Being prepared for these threats is crucial if you have any hope to survive them. You are prepared or you aren’t, it really is that simple.

Why survival supplies?

The purpose of this website is clear; it is to help you prepare for the worst case scenario. Having the right survival supplies is crucial to your success. Now, those survival supplies can come in many forms, and one of those forms is your knowledge of how to handle being cut off from what you may consider to be normal society.

You can break down these survival supplies in several categories, and by the navigation of this website you can clearly see what those categories are; namely water, food, gear, and survival kits. Each of these categories is essential to your overall well being and future health of you and your family.

You need clean water above all else!

You obviously need water to survive and in the future you may not get a steady supply of water that you are used to using now. Knowing how to inspect and treat your water sources will keep you healthy for a much longer time. It is true that most people die of water borne illnesses after some form of natural disaster. You can just see what the devastation in Haiti was caused by untreated water in the camps of survivors after the major earthquake there.

Staying clean is also another component to surviving against the odds and having clean water will dramatically aid in that effort. Believe it or not you can find a lot of great products online that will help you with these problems should a disaster strike in your area. You can make “natural water filters” by yourself, but just in case I like to have some water purification products in my survival supplies all the time.

Have enough to eat?

Survival food is another area where many seem to be apathetic. Having a lack of food in your house would put you in a far more dangerous place than if you have enough supplies to whether any storm that may come your way. You don’t have to be directly hit by a natural disaster for it to affect you, if the supply lines such as the freeways and highways to your city are cut off the result will be the same.

Gathering up these supplies and placing them into survival kits is what keeps people from being on the edge of survival. Clearly, thinking ahead and preparing for these events will keep you calm during these stressful times. People often wonder how much food do you need to store in your survival supplies, and there no universal formula, it really depends on few factors, but more about that topic you can check under our survival food category.

The government has time and again warned its citizens to be prepared for these disasters, to prepare your survival supplies. You simply cannot rely on others to come save you, and this is coming from one of the well-funded governments in known human history. It would behoove you learn as much as you can about being prepared for any type of scenario that may pop up in the course of your life. Those that you love and those around you will thank you for being so progressive about this subject.