From financial aspect, climate-related catastrophes are financial catastrophes as well. Of course, nothing can compare to human casualties, but when it’s all done and it wasn’t that bad that your life would be in danger, you care about how much damage was done and how much would cost to fix that. There are more than few different types of climate related damages, but probably the most common are fire and water damages.

Water damages are all damages that are caused by water – usually large amounts of water. Of course if we are talking about phone damage due to water, it can be caused by just a drop if it was placed on a strategic place, but here we’re talking mostly about damages on your house/office or any other larger surface like that.
In that case next step would usually be a water damage restoration i.e. restoring that property to pre loss condition.

Number one cause for water damage in homes is hurricane. While that is not really surprising, what come as a surprise is number two – broken water pipes. I have to admit, I was expecting something “more serious”.

Fire damages are all damages that are caused by fire, but while there is a lot of fire damages that happen after a climate related disaster, most of the damages caused by fire are human made, sometimes by accident and reckless behavior, but sometimes on purpose (pyromaniacs).

Fire damages restoration is totally different type of restoration than water damage restoration which makes sense, because water and fire are two polar opposite elements, but they are to certain degree similar, that’s why you will see some companies doing both water and fire damage restoration.

Make no mistake, there are more than just fire and water that can cause damages after some disaster but those two are by far the worst ones and the most expensive ones to deal with.

That’s why we’ll dedicate special categories for them where we’ll give you advice on how to prevent water, fire and mold damages and if something like that happens, what are some good companies that can help you with that (only for major cities).